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Aldrich & Brunot, LLC, comprises attorneys Spencer Aldrich and Zachary Brunot, who possess over 25 years of combined experience in Oregon’s workers’ compensation law. Aldrich transitioned from defending employers to representing injured workers in 2017, leveraging his unique insight from both sides of disputes. Brunot has been dedicated to advocating for injured workers since 2012, focusing exclusively on workers’ compensation claims. Together, they offer a well-balanced and reasonable approach to securing benefits for clients, aiming to level the playing field against insurance companies with their expertise and commitment to protecting the rights of Oregon’s workforce.




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Clients helped over the years from both Aldrich and Brunot.


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People get hurt on the job every day, but when the injury requires medical treatment, it can become a Workers’ Comp claim. Often these claims are denied outright, which means you have to appeal your denial to a judge to get the benefits you deserve. Other times a claim is accepted, but some other problems arise…lost wages aren’t paid timely or correctly, treatment is denied, the claim is prematurely “closed.” Whatever the case, you need expert help navigating the system and fighting the insurer to get your benefits: fully paid medical treatment, lost wages, permanent disability, and vocational retraining.


A motor vehicle collision or personal injury can be really stressful…both because you’re injured and trying to figure out treatment, but also because, usually, at least two insurance companies are hassling you for information. To top it off, your car is probably busted. Talking to a lawyer soon after the accident or collision can be a real-life saver. I keep the insurance companies off your back and help make sure your treatment/PIP goes smoothly so you can focus on healing. Then, I go after them so you can decide whether settlement, or litigation, is right for you.


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Injured while on the job? Getting in touch with a workers’ compensation attorney in Oregon is the first step and at Aldrich & Brunot we have over 25 years of combined expertise in workers’ compensation matters in Oregon. Call today to see if Mr. Spencer Aldrich and Mr. Zachary Brunot can help.

Spencer specializes in workers’ compensation and personal injury lawsuits in Portland and throughout Oregon, advocating on behalf of employees injured on the job. Having experience on both sides of a case, he offers a balanced, thoughtful approach to cases that focuses on education in addition to advocacy. Zachary specializes in workers’ compensation and social security and has been a tireless advocate of injured workers and those with disability for over a decade.

If you or a loved one have been hurt on the job, the first thing you should do after getting medical attention is make a claim. If that claim is denied, call us. If your doctor takes you off work and the WC insurer doesn’t start paying lost wages, call us. If your doctor tells you that you have a serious injury, but the WC insurer says it’s only a “strain” or a “sprain” or a “contusion”, call us.

Workers Compensation is an incredibly complex system, so you need experienced attorneys on your side. Contact us today to see we can help.



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