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The attorneys at Aldrich & Brunot, LLC, have more than 25 years of combined experience practicing Oregon’s workers’ compensation law.  Over their combined years of practice, Mr. Aldrich and Mr. Brunot have helped more than a thousand workers resolve their workers’ compensation claims and have helped those clients receive what they’re due: millions of dollars in benefits, compensation, and settlement proceeds from insurance companies.

Spencer Aldrich started his career in 2009 defending employers as in-house counsel for a major insurance company.  However, he went to law school to help people—not a Fortune 500 company—and his work there proved deeply unsatisfying. So, in 2017 he “switched sides” and began representing injured workers and their families. And, in doing so, he has found the satisfaction that was missing from his career. Having spent roughly equal amounts of time on both sides of workers’ compensation disputes thus far in his career, Mr. Aldrich has a unique advantage of knowing what the other side is thinking. He brings a well-balanced and reasonable approach to his cases when fighting to get folks the benefits they deserve.

Zachary Brunot has been an advocate for injured workers and their families throughout Oregon since he began practicing law in 2012.  When he first began his practice, he envisioned a boutique law firm that was a one-stop-shop for the Oregon workforce. Whether it be workers’ compensation claims, motor vehicle accidents, employment discrimination claims, or Social Security disability claims, Mr. Brunot built his career protecting the rights and dignity of Oregon’s workforce. Over the years, Mr. Brunot decided he could best serve injured workers and their families by focusing his practice exclusively on disputes arising out of Oregon’s workers’ compensation law.

Insurance companies have armies of employees, vast resources, and the ability to consult with their attorneys from the moment they receive notice of your claim.  You need someone to help level the playing field—who knows the law and isn’t intimidated by the process or the players. If you or your family member has been injured on the job in Oregon, then give us a call and let’s see if we can help you!”

~ Spencer Aldrich & Zachary Brunot