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WCB – Workers’ Compensation Board. This is the judicial branch of the system that resolves many disputes like claim denials and incorrect or missing wage payments.

WCD – Worders’ Compensation Division. This is the administrative branch of the system that regulates things like claims processing and medical treatment disputes.

DOI – date of injury.

Form 801 – report of injury tendered by employer, completed by worker.

Form 827 – report of injury completed by workers’ doctor.

TD – temporary disability. This refers to lost wages or “time loss.”

TTD: Temporary total disability

TPD: Temporary partial disability

PD – permanent disability. Measured as a percentage with a dollar amount equivalent. This refers to the degree to which a worker is permanently disabled based on how they were at the time they were hurt.

PTD: Permanent total disability

PPD: Permanent partial disability

AP – attending physician. The singular doctor responsible for monitoring and guiding a worker’s treatment.

IME – independent/insurer medical exam.

NOA: Notice of Acceptance

MNOA: Modified notice of acceptance

NOC—Notice of Closure

OOR – Order on Reconsideration