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Electrocution and Workers Comp Claims

Personal injury law involving electrocution is a niche, difficult, and sophisticated area. The fact that injured people and their families often must take on giant utility and power corporations further adds to the hardship. You need our experienced Oregon workers’ compensation attorneys at Aldrich & Brunot, LLC on your side to assist you get the compensation you deserve for the injury you have suffered because of being electrocuted.

Varieties of accidental electrocution and their common causes

When electricity is the cause of an accident, it is called an electrocution. The following are, but are not limited to, some typical causes of electrocution accidents:

  • Electric Shock: When a body part comes into contact with an electrical current, it can cause an electric shock. This occurs, for instance, when a person puts their hand in contact with an electric fence.
  • Electric Burn: When an electric shock is strong enough to burn tissue, it is called an electrical burn.
  • Electric Fire: When an ignitable material is struck by an electrical current, a fire is said to be electrical. Firefighters face an increased risk of electrocution while attempting to extinguish an electrical fire by dousing it with water.
  • Other Electrocution Accidents: Accidents involving other forms of electrocution accidental electrocution can cause severe skin burns, brain damage, convulsions, and even death.

The following are some of the most typical contributors to electrical accidents and electrocution:

  • Wiring that is old, or otherwise flawed
  • Poor placement of electrical outlets, such as under rugs or carpeting
  • Prolonged contact between combustible substances and live electrical circuits or other electrical sources
  • The absence of safety measures like warning labels, grounding tools, etc.

Workers’ compensation for workers who have been injured from electrocution

It is possible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, pain and suffering compensation, and/or wrongful death damages if you or a loved one has been hurt by electric shocks or an electrocution at the workplace. A worker or worker’s family member may submit a claim for electric shock compensation against the worker’s employer under Oregon’s workers’ compensation statute if the employee is injured or killed as a result of an electrocution sustained on the job.