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How to Handle a Company Vehicle Accident: A Step-by-Step Guide

The risk of being involved in a company vehicle accident does not go away just because you’re on the job. Jobs including truck and bus driving, contracting, delivery, and sales all demand regular travel for their employees. It’s not uncommon for an office worker to be requested to use their personal vehicle to do an errand. It’s no secret that company vehicle accidents are a major contributor to the rise of everyday workplace injuries.

company vehicle accident

Common on the job activities that increase the risk of getting into a company vehicle accident

It’s common to associate company vehicle accidents with the commute to and from work. However, many people need to drive to and from work every day. Employment in many fields demands regular use of a company vehicle, such as truck driving, mobile sales, sales agenting, traveling nursing, and caregiving. 

Everyone hopes they won’t be involved in a car accident, but as per the most recent statistics released by the Oregon State Transportation Department, unfortunately car accidents are a common occurrence in Oregon as approximately 55,000 crashes occur annually in Oregon. Due to the prevalence of traffic accidents, people whose jobs require them to drive company vehicles are at a much higher risk of being hurt in one themselves. 

An employee who is injured in a company vehicle accident on the job may be eligible for workers’ compensation even if the accident was not their fault. A few such scenarios where an individual may have a valid claim following a company vehicle accident include: 

  • Injured truck driver 
  • Caregiver commuting from one workplace to another 
  • Couriers 
  • Sales associates enroute to or from a customer appointment 
  • Accidents involving utility workers and their work vehicles 
  • Construction workers operating heavy vehicles 
4 Steps on How to Handle a Company Vehicle Accident

Step 1: Seek medical attention immediately

Quick medical attention is necessary after any kind of injury accident. During the time of the company vehicle accident, you should have been at work, so be sure to let your doctor know this. 

Step 2: Assess if on the job company vehicle accidents covered by workers’ compensation?

Most company vehicle accidents that occur on the job are covered by workers’ compensation. Your workers’ compensation benefits will cover payment for any necessary medical care, time off work, or retraining. 

But not all company vehicle accidents on the job count as qualified accidents. Could an injured worker file a claim if the injury occurred on the way to or from work. Unless the employee can provide evidence that travel is necessary for the performance of their job, the answer is likely to be negative. You can evaluate your claim possibility by asking yourself the following questions: 

  • Do you get paid for the time you spend traveling for work? 
  • Does your employer know if the company vehicle accident happened on their property?
  • Was this a business trip? 
  • Is regular travel a requirement of your position? 

Step 3: Fill out Form 801

The next step is to fill out Form 801 for Oregon Workers’ Compensation. You should keep a copy and have your company fill out and file the bottom section. Verify with your employer that they have submitted the paperwork to the workers’ compensation carrier. 

Your workers’ compensation insurance provider will most likely mail you an incomprehensible letter within the next few days. The letter you might receive will request a response regarding the company vehicle accident claim. If you do not respond to this letter within 60 days, the workers’ compensation insurer responsible for paying your medical expenditures will assume responsibility for the claim. If you decide to pursue the claim but wait more than 90 days to do so, the paying workers’ compensation insurer will take over the case. 

Step 4: Get in touch with our committed Oregon workers’ compensation attorneys right away!

Our experienced Oregon work injury attorneys have devoted their entire professional life to advocating for the rights of wounded employees and their loved ones. Our experienced  attorneys take their time to get to know their clients and their cases and fully comprehend their needs because they know the toll a work-related accident or sickness can take on an individual and his or her loved ones. Our Oregon workers’ compensation attorneys think that informing injured workers about the workers’ compensation system is the best way to give them hope and relief. You can get in touch with us at Aldrich & Brunot, LLC.

Oregon is a no-fault state

In other words, you can seek workers’ compensation payments without demonstrating that your employer was “at fault” for your injuries or illness. You need only prove that your injury occurred on the job to be eligible for workers’ compensation. 

But it doesn’t mean you have to be physically present at the office or on company property. Rather, you need only show that the company vehicle accident took place in the course of your employment. You are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if the company vehicle accident occurred while you were on the job. 

On the job in Oregon, I was involved in a company vehicle accident and suffered injuries. Do we file a claim with the state’s department of motor vehicles or with the state’s department of workers’ compensation? 

If you are hurt while driving for work and file a claim, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits and may also be able to sue the negligent vehicle driver.