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Insurance Adjusters Aren’t On Your Side

Most people who have been in a car accident can attest to how stressful they are, especially when they realize that their own insurance company is not as supportive as they thought they would be. Despite the commercials and slogans insurance companies often make about their services, this may not prove to be the reality if the time comes for a claimant to need compensation. This is because insurance companies and their insurance adjusters are driven by profit, and make more money when they pay out less. This leads to insurance companies minimizing the value of claims, placing unfair blame on an innocent person, offering a speedy but minuscule settlement, or denying a claim altogether. To protect yourself and your finances, it’s good to know how to deal with insurance after a serious car wreck.

The Reality Behind Insurance Companies and Adjusters

Unless you have been part of a shocking amount of car collisions, you probably haven’t had to speak with insurance representatives or adjusters very much. But that is something insurers are counting on, because the less knowledge you have, the less likely you are to advocate for yourself. Insurers are trained to find ways to reduce how much compensation they give out to claimants. This is why people turn to car accident lawyers like Aldrich and Brunot for help, so they aren’t taken advantage of during a difficult time.

The Importance of Not Admitting Fault

Under no circumstances should you accept fault for a car accident, because even if you think you are partially responsible, you may not know all the factors involved. If you admit fault, apologize, or make other statements that could be misconstrued, you could find yourself liable for the entire accident. When speaking with an insurance company, remember that adjusters are there to weaken your claim, not ensure you get the most out of your situation. As our friends from Cohen & Cohen has seen, insurance adjusters use all kinds of strategies and tricks to make you say something that can implicate you as the person at-fault, even if you are not.

Beware of Fast Settlement Offers

In some cases, insurers will offer a fast settlement, sometimes just a day or two after an accident. This may feel like you have won and should accept right away, but be wary. Sometimes, these offers are lowball and do not cover the full extent of your injuries and losses. By having a lawyer help you, they can put a realistic value on your claim and defend your right to receive fair compensation. All while dealing with insurance companies, you may be overwhelmed with the stress of taking care of your injuries and missing work. What your lawyer can do is handle the insurance and legal aspect, so you can take care of yourself physically and mentally.

The Benefits of Working with a Car Accident Lawyer

All in all, insurance companies and their adjusters are not actually on everyone’s side, since they are driven by profit and don’t mind saving money on their end even if it means letting a victim suffer. Anyone who has been in a car accident is encouraged to learn about their options and how a lawyer can be of assistance. Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of, a lawyer’s intervention can make all the difference.