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Non-Litigation Workers’ Compensation Counseling

Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorney Spencer Aldrich and Zachary Brunot are here to counsel, educate, and advise where legal representation is not applicable.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

How we get paid: Lawyers that represent injured workers (“Claimants’ attorneys”) within Oregon are highly regulated by the applicable statutes and administrative rules. Claimants’ attorneys usually get paid one of two ways when there is a dispute:

1) Assessed fee: if your attorney is instrumental in obtaining benefits for you through litigation of your claim, such as overturning a claim denial, or increasing your benefits, they get paid an “assessed fee.” An assessed fee is a fee that the insurance company is ordered to pay your attorney by the judge.

2) Contingency fee: the reality is that an overwhelming majority of legal disputes settle prior to litigation. Oregon workers’ compensation is no different. If your attorney helps you settle your workers’ compensation claim, they will get paid a contingency fee—i.e., a percentage of your total settlement amount. Currently, as of 2006, the administrative rules specify that Claimant’s attorneys are to be paid 25% of the first $50,000.00, and then only 10% of any settlement proceeds in excess of $50,000.00.

Non-Litigation Workers’ Compensation Consulting

The above fee structure provides an incentive for Claimants’ attorneys to involve time and resources where litigation is active or on the horizon. However, you may have questions about your workers’ compensation matter even though nothing has been denied by the insurance company and everything seems to be going “OK.”

We know that workers’ compensation claims in Oregon can be very complicated and it’s easy to get confused and frustrated by the insurance company, or the system, or all of it. It’s natural to have questions and to want the opinion of someone who is working for you with the knowledge and expertise to help demystify the process for you and advocate on your behalf. 

Oftentimes information in a workers’ compensation claim flows in one direction—from the insurance company to you. At Aldrich & Brunot, we pride ourselves on providing our clients compassionate advice, counsel, and education.

How Non-Litigation Workers’ Compensation Consulting works:

  1. How to Start: Click [here] to contact us and start the process. We will respond quickly to get some basic information and get an initial meeting scheduled.  
  2. Cost: The initial meeting, up to one (1) hour, is $200. 
  1. Initial Meeting: At the initial meeting the attorney will provide any counseling, education, or advice you might need:
    • ​Perhaps you are looking for an overview of this system, and where your matter stands within it?  
    • Perhaps you are curious what comes next, and how you might prepare for it?  
    • Did the insurance company send you a communication that you don’t quite understand?  
    • Do you have questions about a “recorded statement” that the insurance company says you have to participate in? 
    • Are you being forced to go to an independent medical examination (“IME”) and you are not sure what that is or how it will go or how you should behave? 
    • Maybe you just want someone experienced to look over your file and set your mind at ease that you haven’t been taken advantage of? 
  2. Beyond the Initial Meeting: If a client wants to continue non-litigation counseling beyond the first meeting, the attorney will charge based on their individual hourly rate, in increments of 1/10th of an hour. 

Important things to know:

  1. This is only for non-litigation matters: This service is intended to be used in situations where the client doesn’t think anything has gone wrong with their claim. They simply want expert advice, and the opportunity to have questions answered about the Workers’ Compensation system and their matter.
  2. This is a “Limited Scope” representation: The purpose of this service is to answer the client’s questions, educate, and counsel them about the workers’ compensation system as a whole and about their claim in general under the assumption that there is not a current need for litigation. Aldrich & Brunot will not be advocating for or representing the client before any applicable body—i.e., the insurance company or the Workers’ Compensation Board or Workers’ Compensation Division.
  3. What if there ends up actually being something wrong with my workers’ compensation claim that calls for litigation? It’s possible that during the initial meeting it will become apparent that there actually is some element of a client’s workers’ compensation matter that does need to be litigated. If that happens, the initial meeting will simply flow into a litigation-based consultation. If the client and Aldrich & Brunot agree on representation, a board-approved workers’ compensation litigation retainer will be signed and traditional representation will proceed.

    A client will not be charged if the “non-litigation” initial meeting ends up being a litigation consult.

  4. Documents: If a client wants Aldrich & Brunot to review documents, it is the client’s responsibility to provide those documents. The client should know that this may involve reaching out to their workers’ compensation insurer to request copies of documents and/or their whole claim file.

Important things to know:

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