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Burned at Work? You Might Need an Oregon Burn Injury Attorney

A burn injury and its aftereffects are devastating injuries that may need for ongoing treatment for the rest of one’s life. Our experienced Oregon construction accident attorneys can assist you if your burn injury was caused by someone else’s negligence.

With what kinds of burn injuries can our Oregon burn injury attorneys at Aldrich Legal help with?

According to the source of the fire, burns can be classified into a wide variety of subtypes:

  • Chemical burns result from direct contact with powerful acids and bases like sulfuric acid and alkaloids.
  • Electrical burns if people come into contact with a live electrical current.
  • Accidental burns of the lungs by inhaling smoke or gases from a fire.
  • Sunburns caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays and are called radiation (ultraviolet) burns when the skin is exposed to them for an extended period of time. Tanning beds also increase the risk of these kinds of burns.
  • Thermal/contact burns caused by the injuries sustained from direct touch with anything extremely hot.

Sadly, most burn injuries are perfectly preventable and only happen because someone else was careless, be it another person, a product maker, a property owner, or anybody else. Realizing that your injuries were preventable adds an extra layer of frustration to the healing process, but the good news is that you may be eligible to receive financial compensation to help with the costs associated with your recovery.

If you have been burned, learn what to do and what not to do here.

Can you get compensated for your Burn Injury in Oregon?

If you or a loved one has suffered burn injuries in Oregon because of another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering. The cost of care for someone who has suffered severe burns can skyrocket over the course of months during your treatment and, in some circumstances, a lifetime.

Treatment for serious burns costs an average of $1.6 million, but can rise to $10 million if problems arise.

We recommend working with our experienced Oregon Burn Injury Attorneys at Aldrich Legal who can help you pursue compensation for losses such as these:

  • Costs associated with healthcare, including visits to the hospital, visits to the doctor, and the cost of necessary medications
  • Rehabilitation and medical treatment over an extended period of time; procedures such as skin grafting, pain medication, and aesthetic surgery.
  • Prosthesis
  • Rehabilitation for Burn Victims
  • The benefits of PT and OT
  • Potential and actual salary losses
  • Transportation, household maintenance, and medical care are examples of “other costs.”
  • Long-term treatment: coping with the aftereffects of burns
  • Counseling
  • Agony and distress
  • Distressing feelings

You need to work with our experienced Oregon workers comp attorney at Aldrich & Brunot, LLC who are acquainted with the medical difficulties, the expense of treatment, the cost of future care and rehabilitation, and the impact on your financial future after a burn injury accident. The state of Oregon provides victims of burn injuries with some legal protections that might help them pursue recompense for their suffering. Our experienced Oregon burn injury attorneys and work injury attorneys at Aldrich ane Brunot will fight for your right to receive full compensation in Oregon burn injury cases. Get in touch with us right away.