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Oregon Equipment Malfunction Accidents and Injuries

You Can Be At Risk Of Being Injured While Using Equipment, Especially Heavy Equipment At Work

You are aware of the dangers you face on the job as a worker operating heavy and dangerous equipment at work. The harsh reality is that even if you take every precaution to stay safe on the job, you may still get injured by issues beyond your control such as equipment malfunction or hazardous working conditions. If the equipment that you are using is defective, no amount of expertise will save you from injury.

Numerous workplace accidents can be traced back to the use of defective machinery and tools. Our experienced Portland workers comp attorney can help if you were injured in the workplace due to defective machinery. We are committed to helping in securing the workers’ compensation to which you are legally entitled to suffering an equipment malfunction accident.

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Workers’ Compensation And Third-Party Claims For Equipment Malfunction Accidents

Workers’ compensation is a “no-fault” system, meaning that an injured worker is entitled to payments regardless of who was at blame for the injury. As an injured worker, you may be eligible to bring a claim against the negligent third party in addition to a workers’ compensation claim if the accident on the job was caused by a third party, i.e., someone other than the employer.

Injuries sustained on the job as a result of the property owner’s actions, errors made by subcontractors, or defective machinery would all fall under the category of “third-party claims”. If you are hurt on the job due to a piece of malfunctioning machinery, the manufacturer of the machinery would be deemed an uninvolved third party. In addition to or lieu of, submitting a workers’ compensation claim, you may file a civil suit against the equipment’s manufacturer.


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Accidents at work caused by defective equipment are all too familiar to the attorneys who specialize in workers’ compensation for accidents resulting from defective equipment matters. Their expertise extends to third-party claims as well. Workers’ compensation and third-party claims can be confusing to file, and your employer may try to scare you into thinking you’ll lose your benefits if you pursue either. If you have been injured due to defective equipment, our experienced Portland Equipment Malfunction Attorneys in Oregon can evaluate your case and help you pursue compensation from both – the third-party responsible for the equipment defect and your employer.

Numerous professionals, who have worked diligently like you, are represented by the workplace injury lawyers at our firm. Please get in touch with us if you’ve been in an accident involving defective equipment. Our experienced Portland construction accident attorneys in Oregon are prepared to hear your story and fight for your right to compensation and justice for your defective equipment injury.