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Work Accident Claims for Oregon Truck Drivers and 18 Wheelers

Accidents involving 18 wheelers have the highest rates of serious injury and fatality among all types of motor vehicle accidents. This is because these enormous commercial trucks and 18 wheelers have a lot more velocity and power when they crash because of their size and weight. These injuries are also more likely to be serious, catastrophic, disabling, permanent, and fatal if they occur in an accident involving an 18 wheeler. The Oregon Department of Transportation reported that there were 1,889 crashes involving trucks in Oregon in 2020.

What makes an 18 wheeler accident different from a car accident?

What makes an 18 wheeler accident different from a car accident?

When an 18 wheeler and an ordinary car are involved in a collision, the ordinary car is frequently severely damaged, and the car driver is severely injured. Traumatic brain damage, spinal cord injuries, internal bleeding, and even death of the car driver are all possible outcomes of an impact of this magnitude.

There is also the possibility of significantly larger insurance payouts. In the event of an accident, trucking businesses typically have sizable insurance plans. A truck accident is likely to cost more than a vehicle accident since the size of the truck increases the likelihood of serious injuries and property damage.

It’s more difficult to determine fault than in a simple car crash. There are always at least two people who could be at blame in an automobile crash. Everyone from the truck driver to the trucking business to the manufacturer to whoever loaded the cargo or the maker of the cargo itself may be at fault when an 18 wheeler accident occurs. Your mishap may have been caused in whole or in part by any number of the aforementioned parties. If you are a truck driver who was injured while driving, contact our work auto accident attorney at Aldrich & Brunot.

Due to the size and weight of such commercial trucks, accidents involving 18 wheelers can cause serious injuries and even death. Victims of these types of accidents have a very low chance of survival and, if they do, their injuries are often permanent and debilitating. According to a research conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on causation of large truck accidents in 2007, “driver error” is the leading cause of truck accidents in Oregon. This indicates that human error on the part of the driver, as opposed to external factors like faulty products, is the primary cause of truck accidents.

If you were hurt due to a 18 wheeler accident, you may be eligible for compensation that could help you recover financially. If you or a loved one has been involved in a life-changing truck accident / accident caused by an 18 wheeler, you should seek the advice of our experienced Oregon personal injury attorney at Aldrich & Brunot, LLc who can help you navigate the legal process to claim the compensation you deserve.