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5 Reasons You Might Need an Oregon Workplace Injury Attorney

The Oregon Workers Compensation Division provides comprehensive information online to guide you through the Oregon workers’ compensation claims process. If everything went according to the Oregon workers’ compensation claims process, your employer and their insurance provider would do everything they could to assist you. Nonetheless, given that we do not live in a perfect world, it is always beneficial to have our experienced workplace injury attorneys at Aldrich Legal by your side to help you navigate the system and secure all of the benefits to which you are due under Oregon law.

Here are 5 reasons why you might need an Oregon workplace injury attorney:

1. Insurance companies deny your workers compensation claim

There are many grounds on which insurance companies reject workers’ compensation claims. The insurance firm may argue that your injury was not work-related or that you submitted your claim too late, for instance. The workers’ compensation system allows for appeals of denied claims. However, regardless of where you live, filing an appeal, gathering evidence with the help of legal resources, and arguing your case in front of a judge are all standard procedures that our experienced workplace injury attorneys at Aldrich Legal can help you with.

2. You have a pre-existing health condition/injury

The insurance company will be difficult to deal with if you already had an ailment or condition in the same body area before you sustained it at work. Rather than holding you responsible for your accident at work, the insurance company will probably point the finger at your pre-existing condition. This is especially the case if your injury has been a gradual process rather than the result of a single incident on the job.

3. Your capacity to work has been decreased

Making the most of your workers’ compensation benefits and setting them up so that they last into the future is essential if you will never be able to work again. If you’re unhappy with your current field of work but want a change, you’ll need to get some specialized training. Our experienced workplace injury attorneys at Aldrich Legal will be useful in both situations.

4. You have a workers’ compensation hearing.

A hearing is necessary if the insurance company will not negotiate a fair settlement or just provides a small amount. You should hire our experienced workplace injury attorneys at Aldrich Legal to represent your interests in this workers’ compensation hearing, as it is essentially a miniature trial.

5. You have not been receiving your temporary total disability payments.

Temporary total disability benefits may be available to you if your doctor has advised you not to work or if your company does not have suitable job for you to perform given your limitations. But you aren’t getting your temporary total disability cheques every week. When you’re temporarily totally disabled, you can collect compensation equal to 66.66% of your normal weekly earnings, and you’ll start getting those payments after missing work for a total of eight days.

If you have a disagreement with your insurance provider, you may want to look into getting legal representation from our experienced workplace injury attorneys at Aldrich Legal. To oppose the insurance company’s viewpoint, you’ll need to gather evidence, which may involve engaging expert witnesses, getting a second medical opinion, or taking depositions.

Our experienced Oregon workers comp attorney at Aldrich & Brunot have over 12 years of expertise in workers’ compensation for all types of workplace injury matters. We can help you by advising you regarding all workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to for your workplace injury, filing a workers’ compensation claim in Oregon, and providing legal representation for all your claims. Our experienced Oregon workplace injury attorneys can be contacted here.