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What Steps Should You Take Following An Injury at Work in Oregon?

There is a higher risk of harm in several occupations because they involve dangers that most individuals would not face in everyday life. Given the heightened risk, an injured worker shouldn’t have to show their employer was careless in order to receive compensation for medical bills and lost wages. Workers’ compensation insurance was created for this same reason.

Workers’ compensation was created to be a private, expedient, and non-adversarial way for injured workers and their employers to come to terms with and resolve claims involving work-related injuries. However, the procedure has grown increasingly convoluted, and insurance companies constantly seek loopholes to reject otherwise legitimate claims. That’s why it’s crucial that you get the assistance of our experienced workers’ compensation attorney who will fight for your interests.

Steps to be followed if you suffer an injury at work in Oregon

Following these steps can help ensure you receive fair compensation for suffering an injury at work in Oregon

Step 1: You must immediately report the accident.

The first thing that you must immediately do after suffering an accident is that you must notify your employer. It’s not just the law, but also common sense, to do so. An injury might be difficult to prove if it is not reported. The Form 801 must be completed by your employer within 5 days of your report of the accident. Attempt to collect information from any potential witnesses to the incident as well. Take pictures of the incident, your injuries, and anything else you believe would be helpful if you can or if anybody else there is willing to help.

Step 2: Seek urgent medical treatment.

It is crucial to seek immediate medical attention during an emergency. Your own personal security is paramount. Getting urgent medical attention also generates a record of the accident for use by other medical professionals and serves as proof that the damage occurred on the job.

Step 3: Contact our experienced Portland workers’ compensation attorney.

If you’ve been injured on the job, our Portland workers’ compensation attorney will analyze your medical records, talk to you and your doctor, and figure out how the accident happened and how it will affect you. Our experienced Portland workers’ compensation attorney can help you get fair reimbursement from the insurance company even if they try to downplay the extent of your injuries. If you’re going through the process of appealing a refusal, this is invaluable. Appealing a Workers’ Compensation Board judgment is subject to rigorous time limits and restrictions.

Step 4: Make regular visits to the doctor to recover from your injury.

However, if you have sustained a major injury, you will likely require continuing medical attention in addition to the first emergency care you get. Imaging procedures (such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, etc.), surgery, PT, or even referrals to specialists may be necessary.

You have the freedom to select your own doctor in Oregon. Be warned, though, that many companies will try to force you to see a specific doctor or join a specific medical practice. This might be due to practicality, but it could also be because of the provider’s history of playing down the severity of injuries in order to undermine the interests of their clients.

Our experienced Oregon workers’ compensation attorneys at Aldrich and Brunot can help you in filing a workers’ compensation claim, challenging a rejected workers’ compensation claim, representing you in a wrongful termination suit and also help you recover your medical expenses which may be denied as part of your workers’ compensation claim. Our experienced Oregon workers’ compensation attorneys can be contacted here.