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Does a Workers’ Comp Attorney Work with Insurance Companies?

Talking to the insurance adjuster about your workers compensation claim

Workers’ compensation insurance providers are notoriously uninterested in ensuring they’re policyholders’ safety and well-being following an accident on the job. Since they work for your employer’s company, they will likely attempt to reach a settlement with you for as little as possible. The insurance company is not on your side, however sympathetic their representatives or staff may seem.

A skilled attorney, such as our experienced Portland workers’ compensation attorney at Aldrich & Brunot, LLC, could advocate on your behalf with insurance companies throughout your workers’ compensation claim process, increasing the likelihood of you being compensated fairly.

Working with you on your statement you need to provide to insurance adjusters

Insurance adjusters typically visit injured workers after their employers have reported work-related injuries and filed workers’ compensation claims. They will then ask you, the injured worker, to provide a statement detailing your injuries and the circumstances surrounding the accident. You must cooperate and provide an honest statement to the insurance adjuster.

Before processing any workers’ compensation payments, the insurance company must have this statement and access to your medical data. In the event that an employee receives a Notice of Denial for their claim from their insurance provider, you should seek advice from our experienced workers’ compensation attorney without delay. Legal representation could improve the odds of you receiving the compensation you need after an accident.

Attorney negotiate settlement agreements with the insurance companies

Attorney negotiate settlement agreements with the insurance companies

A workers’ compensation attorney has the advantage of knowing how much your case is worth, that is, the number of benefits you should receive, when negotiating with your employer’s insurance company to reach a settlement.

Insurance companies often utilize deceptive tactics in negotiations, such as low-ball proposals and so-called “final offers” that are everything but, and lawyers are aware of these strategies. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys, almost without exception, are more likely to negotiate favourable settlements with insurers on behalf of their clients than are their individual clients.

Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can also make sure the settlement agreement is worded correctly to protect you from any unintended repercussions. An incorrectly drafted settlement agreement, for instance, could result in a loss of hundreds of dollars per month in social security disability benefits due to the workers’ compensation offset. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can also assist you in calculating a fair estimate of your projected medical costs for inclusion in the settlement agreement.

Although workers’ compensation judges must sign off on settlements, you shouldn’t put your trust in them to look out for your best interests.Thus, our experienced workers’ compensation attorney is a must-have in settlement talks.

Injured workers aren’t always able to easily obtain payment for lost wages and medical coverage following an accident, sometimes feeling confused by medical jargon, insurance procedures, and insurance requests from the insurer. If you’re having trouble getting your workers’ compensation benefits or have had payments held up, it’s best to consult with our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys who specializes in this area and have experience working with insurance companies.

If you were hurt as a result of a workplace accident and if you have questions about workers’ compensation, you can contact our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Aldrich & Brunot, LLC.